Thursday, September 8, 2011

When You Wish Upon a Star...

Welcome Syndey Jane Wright...Charlotte's new friend! Charlotte's been surrounded by boys so far and she's so excited that Sydney has arrived!

We all are so very excited. Jen and Steve, two of my dearest friends from college (Jen was my freshman roommate and Steve lived down the hall), welcomed baby Sydney last week with great anticipation. I said "when you wish upon a star" because Jen and I shared many, many phone conversations supporting each other and our "wishes" to become mommies over the recent years. She was my sounding board and I was hers. (I hope they do not mind my writing this). We both got our miracles and I am over the moon...just to add to the celestial picture :).

Welcome baby Sydney. Charlotte is so glad you're here and I hope you don't mind those pesky boys during our playdates!

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