Monday, January 31, 2011

BREAKING NEWS - Alton & Baxter Due to Come Home This Week!!

When Kreg and I walked into the NICU today we saw that Baxter's GI feeding tube was removed. I gasped so loud the nurses thought something was wrong. I knew that once we saw the tube removed, he/she would be home in a few days. The doctor confirmed that Baxter is on track to go home Wednesday or Thursday...I said "this week??!!" WOW! Soon after we finished digesting the news and after the doctor finished reviewing their charts he stated that Alton was only a 1/2 day behind Baxter and that they should just be sent home together. ANOTHER WOW! We now need to bring in the car seat for testing, will have to sleep over tomorrow night for a test run, and I'll be roaming around the house trying to finish preparations. Twin boys home and a baby girl in the NICU will be our next challenge. Bring it on! :)

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Growing is Hard Work

Baxter is growing in leaps and bounds and is weighing in at 4lb 13oz! All this eating, growing, and sleeping is exhausting...

Saying Goodbye

On my first day saying goodbye to the babies I realized that I needed a routine. When my mom and I walked out of the NICU that day, I stopped in my tracks and started to cry. I looked at my mom and said, "I didn't do it right...I didn't say goodbye the right way." She hugged me and told me to get back in there. I re-washed, got buzzed back in and established my routine. Since then, at the end of each visit I walk around to each of my little babies and say a few words of love and encouragement in a whisper and tell them that I'll see them tomorrow. I think they like it. :)

Alton Graduates to an Open Crib

Alton is also now out of his isolette and in his new open crib. The nurses say he's doing very well managing his own temperature. Both brothers are side by side in their big boy beds!!

Charlotte Gained 2 Ounces!!!

Each morning the doctor calls with his stats update on the babies. This morning's call started off with the doctor saying that "everyone liked my cooking". I paused and said, "even little Charlotte?" YES!! Charlotte gained 2 ounces overnight! I called Kreg and the grandmoms with the news and everyone cheered. Who knew that a few ounces would be so powerful.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Alton & his New Duds

Alton's showing off his new clothes. Now that both he and Baxter are practicing managing their own body temperature, they are allowed to wear their own clothing. The grandmoms and I brought in all sorts of clothes for the nurses to choose from. Yesterday I even took home some laundry - and was EXCITED. I wonder how long that will last.

Fingers & Toes

The little fingers and toes really amaze me every time.

Big Boy Baxter

Yeah! Baxter graduated to an open crib!! I walked into the NICU yesterday and was confused at the sight. "Where's Baxter", I thought. Then I realized that they put him into a "big boy" open crib as a test. I got so excited and rushed over to the crib telling him how proud mommy was. Good Job!

Our Little Thumbelina

After holding Charlotte one day I asked my mom to take me to the book store on our way home and I bought the book "Thumbelina" - the Hans Christian Anderson fairy tale about the tiny little girl who marries a fairy prince to live happily ever after. Charlotte is our tiny little treasure and some day I'll show her how to make fairy houses outside for Thumbelina and her fairy prince - like I did when I was a little girl.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Cuddle Time

We are able to hold the babies during a feeding and for at least 20 minutes afterwards. They love to be held and are so peaceful with a full belly.

Eat, Burp, Sleep

Both Alton and Baxter have been introduced to "nipple feeding" which is great. Here are some pictures from Alton's first bottle feeding that I was able to give him yesterday.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Welcome Alton, Baxter, and Charlotte

It's been one week today since the whirlwind of last Friday's delivery. Kreg and I have been on an emotional rollercoaster, but seem to be settling down now. I repeat the words of the doctors and nurses in my head when I become nervous - "You did a great job carrying them to 32 weeks and they are doing amazingly well for triplets". Happy 1 week birthday tiny angels.

Roses from the Altar

My parents put these three roses on their church's altar the Sunday after Alton, Baxter, and Charlotte were born. They are beautiful and are in my dining room now for us to appreciate. Thank you to everyone for your thoughts and prayers.

The Nursery

We're ready and waiting for the babies to come home.

Thursday, January 20, 2011


When Kreg and I started thinking about names for the triplets a while back, it was quite daunting. Throughout the pregnancy we called them A, B, and C, which is why Kreg wanted their respective tag to be their first initial. This narrowed things down a bit since I also wanted names that somehow come from our families. It's funny because the doctors and nurses at the NICU LOVE the names and say that "no one ever does it right --- FINALLY". Who knew it would be such a big deal in the hospital.

Alton = Kreg's grandfather on his father's side
Robert = Kreg's father

Baxter = My grandmother's maiden name on my mom's side (Scottish name & Kreg and I both share that heritage)
Alfred = my father's name

Charlotte = My grandfather on my mother's side (Charles)
Morgan = Lita's grandmother's maiden name on her mother's side

Saturday, January 15, 2011

January 14th, 2011

On Friday, January 14th at 2:04pm our three little angels were born.

Baby A = Alton Robert 4 lbs; 17.5 inches
Baby B = Baxter Alfred 4 lbs 8 oz; 17.5 inches
Baby C = Charlotte Morgan 2 lb 4 oz; 16.5 inches

I figured that I would write-out the story since it's fresh in my head. This may read a tad like a long journal entry, so forgive me --- someday the babies will want to read this, so I'm just getting it down.

The Routine Check-up
Friday was a wild day. It started with a 9am routine ultrasound check-up to review the measurements of each baby. My sister was in the room with me during the appointment and all was going well with the two boys. We finished with the little girl and it quickly became obvious that the data was not what we wanted to see. Baby girl C was only measuring at 2 lbs and a few ounces which is half the weight of her brothers'. The doctor came in to review with me and Laura remained calm and asked good questions as I stared blankly at him. It was all so shocking after such a "good run". Basically, baby c's placenta was not getting her the food she needed for the past 4 weeks, but luckily we were at 32 weeks gestation.

The doctor said it was time to check me into the hospital for close monitoring. I robotically walked into the sitting room where my mom was waiting and informed her of the fact that I needed to be admitted. It was an intense moment of whispering and quick gathering of items with many questions silently whirling around us. We got to triage and were reassured that we were probably not delivering and I was just being monitored. With that, all of the sensors got strapped onto me and we watched the normal heart rates on the screen. I called Kreg and told him to stop by the hospital after he wrapped up his second class downtown.

Well, once they laid me back on the bed baby c's heart rate dropped and the room was immediately filled with a flurry of activity. They got an IV into me and strapped an oxygen mask on my face. I texted Kreg and said "Come now - call my mom". That's all the poor guy got...yikes.

Swept Away
Soon after, baby C's heart rate came back up and all was calm again. The doctors and nurses were fine with our status but wanted me to visit the lady's room since contractions were beginning to show up on the monitor. When I got back on the bed the nurse put the sensor back on my belly where little girl C was and she immediately said "oh, come on little girl, don't do this to me". The doctor was rushed in to review and everything happened at once. He turned to me and said "it's time to go." The only questions left were whether I was going under general anesthesia or having a spinal where I could be awake...oh, and if dad can't make it, who should go in with me. As they rushed me down the hall, I told them to send my mom in if Kreg did not arrive in time.

The OR
I suddenly found myself in the freezing cold operating room with tons of people running around me. The anesthesiologist made me focus on him and answer his questions as nurses put a pen in my hand to sign paperwork in a hurry. The doctor checked baby c's heartrate in the operating room and determined that she was stable which meant we could move forward with a spinal and I could be awake. I was determined to be calm and cool and made jokes with the staff as they swabbed my spine. They complimented me on my disposition as I visibly shook like a leaf on the steel table with a smile on my face still trying to make jokes. I was laid down and breathed deeply as they put up the divider sheet which I had seen so many times in those silly "baby shows" on TV. The difference was it was me, I wasn't ready for it, and I no one was beside me except for the wonderful anesthesiologist who talked me through it all.

The Arrival
I stared at the nice anesthesiologist as they were pressing and tugging at my stomach. I heard them calling out "where's dad" or "exactly how far away?". Then they said "it's baby time, bring in mom". I then heard them say "Mom's not dressed" ... and I almost lost it. I yelled "forget them, get the babies out, Go Go Go" since I was becoming very nervous about the babies. The anesthesiologist made eye contact with me and said "It's okay, your mom's coming in ... someone should be here to experience this miracle. Triplets are amazing." With that my mom was rushed to my side as I heard them calling out "here comes baby a! he's a boy!". Within seconds they yelled "here comes baby b! he's a boy!" and then "baby c, she's a girl!". The whole time my mom was crying and telling me how much she loved me and overflowing with joy as each baby came out. It was amazing to experience it through her since I could see nothing and was focusing on remaining calm. Within those seconds Kreg arrived and my mom was whisked away. I started to cry when I saw him and we had a moment. It was all a blur and he went to check on the babies in the room and I listened for cries.

The Jones Family
I laid there uncomfortably as they continued with the operation and Kreg came back to my side visibly moved and shaken by the entire experience. He said "they are all okay and they're amazing". The nurses wheeled Alton and Baxter over to us and I got to kiss their little heads. They then wheeled tiny Charlotte over and we stared at her through the plexiglass. It was all very amazing. We talked and Kreg held my hand as we managed through the rest of the operation which was not fun ... for either of us. Kreg witnessed a little too much of the operation since he was soon against the back wall asking for juice with his face as white as a ghost. I felt bad for him, but somehow it was a bit of comic relief for me. I knew that, in whatever shape or form or state of being, we were all there and we were going to be okay.

Monday, January 10, 2011


The closer we get to the arrival of the babies, the more I think through the challenges of "triplet logistics". I'm so excited, but I also want to be prepared. All of the advise I read says that we will need to keep a "log" for each baby since it will be difficult keeping track of all the details -- especially in the middle of the night when we are walking zombies. I created these daily "baby log" sheets which will be in a binder in the nursery. Kreg said "can't you make it multiple choice?"

Beep Beep!

The other day I was going bonkers in the house and Kreg took me to Target. BIG DAY! I scooted around the store in this motorized cart with my shopping list. It even beeped when I went into reverse -- appropriate.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

A Date Penciled into the Books

At my last doctor's appointment I was informed that they actually scheduled the c-section. What, what!!?? Sooooo - assuming all goes well through the month of January, the triplets' birthdays will be February 9th, 2011. Now I just have to keep my heating pad handy, get through the nights, and relax relax relax. Please pass the ice!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Happy New Year!

This is Kreg on New Year's Eve watching the ball drop. In 2011 he will for sure be the "Big Daddy".