Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The Sacred Triple Nap

In their first year I remember reading that at around 2 - 2.5 years their naps will become longer;  this seemed like forever away.  Well, TADA, it's here!  We've got ourselves three marathon nappers which is totally awesome.  I put them down at 1pm and they sleep until 5pm; during which I sit on the couch and eat bonbons (AKA laundry, clean, garden, make phone calls, etc.).

The tricky thing with the 2 year old nap is that it's hard-earned and when not achieved it can be terrible.  Three 2 year olds without their naps usually means multiple triple tantrums later that day which is virtually impossible to deal with when I'm caring for them alone and am out and about.  Needless to say, I'm a bit of a "Nap Nazi" and follow the below little rules to achieve "The Sacred Triple Nap".

1)  Run them Ragged - We almost always get out of the house and into a park in the morning.  I have my go-to fenced in parks for when I'm alone and other special parks when the Grandmoms are helping.  If they have a skinned knee, they'll probably nap well.

2)  No Sneeky Snoozing - My three don't transfer from car-sleeping into a bedroom nap.  Some kids can, but mine do not.  This means that no one can accidentally fall asleep in the car... not even for two seconds.  If I'm more than a 10 minute car ride from the house (I have some girlfriends who live 30 minutes away) I save their snacking for the car (they need to be hungry) and dole out yummy treats every 15 minutes (this means stopping and re-snacking them).

3)  Lay Down the Naptime Rules - We have four naptime rules.  1) stay in your own beds 2) no hitting 3) no biting (I'm sorry to say we have one that has bitten) and 4) no excessive jumping.  Sometimes they want to play and don't fall asleep right away, but vigilance is the key here, so on rougher days I have to make a few visits for re-napping.  Another triplet mom posted "The Name of this Game is "MOMMY WINS!", after she won a long battle to get her kids down for a nap.  It really made me laugh. 

4)  Go for a Drive - Okay, it's not ALWAYS going to be a great nap day.  When I know they're tired and it's starting to unravel I pack them up and take a long drive out into the country.  This happens once in a while and is actually kind of nice.  In this event, I have to walk away from the house (we have a project-house that we just moved into) and enjoy some music as I explore new little roads and towns.  I often stop the car and take pictures like this.

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  1. I hope the dome of the sacred naptime has extended into the mystical third year for your tribe. I know i'm commenting on a year old post but then its in reply to a question you asked on an even older blog that i didn't see answered so thought i'd do it here. the blog was about chapter one of a book titled 'simplicity parenting' by the author kim john payne. i've seen him present three times; each was so insightful. its been a while since i read the book but there's much content on rhythm and the value of rest for children; i'm sure you've already found it though. i wish you and yours well!