Monday, September 12, 2011

Physical Therapy is GREAT!

Charlotte's next physical therapy session is on Wednesday and she's so amped up for it. Our baby girl just loves playing with the trainer and balancing on the exercise ball. Kreg and I do neck stretches with her throughout the day (not her favorite), but PT is a dedicated time when it's all about "Charlotte".

As a general update on Charlotte's torticollis and her helmet, Kreg and I went to CHOP with Charlotte last week for a consultation. Our visit to CHOP was a reminder of how lucky we are to have three healthy babies. I was a bit emotional seeing all of the small children in the waiting room for a variety of more serious reasons. It was a reality check and I will also keep those little ones in my thoughts and prayers. I gave Charlotte a kiss as her name was called, thinking of how very vulnerable she once was... and knowing how strong she is today.

We were seen by a variety of people, all who confirmed that her miss-shaping was moderate, which requires a helmet. Kreg & I are so happy to move things forward and to have the support of CHOP's talented doctors. They are no joke. Plagiocephaly and torticollis is common for triplets, especially for the "little one" of the group.

More to come on the helmet appointments!

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