Thursday, September 15, 2011

All in a Day's Work

I thought I'd jot down what a "typical" day is at our house. Now that they are generally "syncronized", one of my new goals is to have them on a schedule where I have an idea of "when" they're going to nap. Right now, this varies depending on when they wake up for their day, but here is a general idea. It still feels like the babies want to nap every 1.5 hours, and this calls for a lot of sleep management. Hopefully they'll soon be happy with 2-3 hours of waking time.

7 am: wake up for the day, play on the ground, activity center rotation
8 am: breakfast (cereal w/ fruit) in highchairs w/ music
8:30: 4-6 oz bottle, taking turns in swing or playing on ground while one gets their milk
9: naptime (finish last sips of bottle in bedroom), lullaby music playing
11: wake from nap assuming a lucky 2 hours, more playing on ground, Charlotte neck stretches, book reading
12: 6 oz bottle for everyone (taking turns or try to feed 2 at once on floor)
12:30 naptime
2: wake up from nap and more floor playtime
2:30 afternoon meal of cereal and veggies or meat
3: more playing and bottle (4-6oz)
3:30 last nap of the day
4:30 wake up and play more
5:00 afternoon outing - car ride with walk on the paths of Perkasie
6: playtime on ground and maybe quiet swingtime (many cuddles since time to unwind)
6:30 last bottle of the day and dress in PJs in nursery. Lights dimmed with lullaby music playing.
7pm: asleep in bed after last sips of bottle while in cribs w/ blankets on legs & snugglies by face.
12pm: sometimes the boys wake for a feeding (on rough nights)
4am: both boys and sometimes Charlotte wake for full 6oz bottle and diaper change starts again....

1 or 2

Monday, September 12, 2011

Physical Therapy is GREAT!

Charlotte's next physical therapy session is on Wednesday and she's so amped up for it. Our baby girl just loves playing with the trainer and balancing on the exercise ball. Kreg and I do neck stretches with her throughout the day (not her favorite), but PT is a dedicated time when it's all about "Charlotte".

As a general update on Charlotte's torticollis and her helmet, Kreg and I went to CHOP with Charlotte last week for a consultation. Our visit to CHOP was a reminder of how lucky we are to have three healthy babies. I was a bit emotional seeing all of the small children in the waiting room for a variety of more serious reasons. It was a reality check and I will also keep those little ones in my thoughts and prayers. I gave Charlotte a kiss as her name was called, thinking of how very vulnerable she once was... and knowing how strong she is today.

We were seen by a variety of people, all who confirmed that her miss-shaping was moderate, which requires a helmet. Kreg & I are so happy to move things forward and to have the support of CHOP's talented doctors. They are no joke. Plagiocephaly and torticollis is common for triplets, especially for the "little one" of the group.

More to come on the helmet appointments!

Mommy News Flash

This just in ... mother of triplets just fit into her pre-triplets jeans this past weekend. Okay, they're the baggy jeans, but give a girl a break. Button, zipper, and all. Now to get past the "you look great for having triplets" comments to "WOW!"


Sometimes poop is all that matters. I was paging through our past schedules and found this entry from a day when Kreg was home alone with the babies. Most of the time these schedules are filled in with details. Made me laugh pretty hard. Is this "mother of multiples" humor or actually funny?

Jones Trio

Just thought this pic was cute...

Showing Off the New Moves

So much is happening at once in terms of Alton, Baxter, and Charlotte's motor development. Each day we are excited to see their new moves since they are right on the cusp of learning to crawl. Actually, I am pleased to announce that one of our babies crawled for the first time yesterday morning. This baby saw a toy and was determined to get it... Kreg and I realized that crawling was happening and we CHEERED out loud! DRUM ROLL PLEASE.... our first into the crawling world is no other than our own Miss Charlotte Morgan Jones! Watch out boys, this little girl is spunky! Yeah Charlotte...we're so proud of how far you've come!

Here are pics of some of the new moves we see each day. Alton is showing off his downward dog, Charlotte is poised for a race, and Baxter is (wait for it) teaching himself how to sit!!!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Some Things Never Change

Kreg went into the city this morning for work and I've been enjoying the challenge of taking care of Alton, Baxter, and Charlotte solo today. So far so good! After their first nap, I snapped this shot while all three were quietly (yes, quietly) playing together in the pack-n-play. It was a crowded house, but they managed to share the space just fine since all were well-rested and in good spirits. So cute. While looking at the pic, I realized the image reflected their in utero scenario. Baxter seems happy as a clam in the middle and hogging up most of the space, Alton i a little crammed on the one side, and our fighter Charlotte is keeping her own..."hey, move over you guys!"

By the Sea

It's official. The Jones family went to the beach together for the first time. Well, we didn't really hit the sandy beach since the babies are still small and, let's be honest, Kreg & I aren't really the tanning types (burning is more like it). By you can't deny it, there is simply nothing like being by the sea. The calming, lulling sounds of the ocean and the smell of salt in the air.... ahhhhh.
As relaxing as that sounds, it was not exactly the easiest task to pack up all the equipment and drive down to Sea Isle. Though my family was there to help upon arrival and we made pit stop at Grammies on the way, it's still exhausting. I was determined though, and we got the job done. Check, the babies saw the ocean. And they loved it really...the cure for a fussy baby was to walk them out onto the balcony. Fussing stopped immediately and their heads automatically turned towards the sound of the ocean and the direction of the breeze....and they'd stare. What is it about the magical ocean that brings us all down a few notches? ahhhhhh.... okay, now back to laundry!

I Love my Auntie!

Boy, oh Boy, do those babies love Aunt Laura... and why wouldn't they?? She shows up with new fashionable coordinating outfits for them, sings lots of fun songs, dances with them, and gives plenty of hugs and smiles. Thanks Aunt Laura!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Nessa & Patti in the House!

We always could use some extra hands to feed and who better to stop by for a visit than my awesome friend Vanessa and her mom Patti? These ladies sure know how to get the job down while adding in some humor for mommy's sake. It was so nice to laugh and share my crazy world with two of my oldest gal pals. Thanks!

When You Wish Upon a Star...

Welcome Syndey Jane Wright...Charlotte's new friend! Charlotte's been surrounded by boys so far and she's so excited that Sydney has arrived!

We all are so very excited. Jen and Steve, two of my dearest friends from college (Jen was my freshman roommate and Steve lived down the hall), welcomed baby Sydney last week with great anticipation. I said "when you wish upon a star" because Jen and I shared many, many phone conversations supporting each other and our "wishes" to become mommies over the recent years. She was my sounding board and I was hers. (I hope they do not mind my writing this). We both got our miracles and I am over the moon...just to add to the celestial picture :).

Welcome baby Sydney. Charlotte is so glad you're here and I hope you don't mind those pesky boys during our playdates!