Thursday, September 15, 2011

All in a Day's Work

I thought I'd jot down what a "typical" day is at our house. Now that they are generally "syncronized", one of my new goals is to have them on a schedule where I have an idea of "when" they're going to nap. Right now, this varies depending on when they wake up for their day, but here is a general idea. It still feels like the babies want to nap every 1.5 hours, and this calls for a lot of sleep management. Hopefully they'll soon be happy with 2-3 hours of waking time.

7 am: wake up for the day, play on the ground, activity center rotation
8 am: breakfast (cereal w/ fruit) in highchairs w/ music
8:30: 4-6 oz bottle, taking turns in swing or playing on ground while one gets their milk
9: naptime (finish last sips of bottle in bedroom), lullaby music playing
11: wake from nap assuming a lucky 2 hours, more playing on ground, Charlotte neck stretches, book reading
12: 6 oz bottle for everyone (taking turns or try to feed 2 at once on floor)
12:30 naptime
2: wake up from nap and more floor playtime
2:30 afternoon meal of cereal and veggies or meat
3: more playing and bottle (4-6oz)
3:30 last nap of the day
4:30 wake up and play more
5:00 afternoon outing - car ride with walk on the paths of Perkasie
6: playtime on ground and maybe quiet swingtime (many cuddles since time to unwind)
6:30 last bottle of the day and dress in PJs in nursery. Lights dimmed with lullaby music playing.
7pm: asleep in bed after last sips of bottle while in cribs w/ blankets on legs & snugglies by face.
12pm: sometimes the boys wake for a feeding (on rough nights)
4am: both boys and sometimes Charlotte wake for full 6oz bottle and diaper change starts again....

1 or 2

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