Friday, February 25, 2011

So Happy Together

With Charlotte home at last, the nursery is complete. What a relief it is to have the whole family finally under one roof at home. After tucking the babies into bed, I marveled at all three cribs occupied by our tiny little ones that we've waited so long for. It seems like a dream.

First Meal at Home

Daddy jumped right on the chance to give Charlotte's first meal at home. Cleo has also taken a particular liking to our little if she's her own pup.

Calgon - Take Me Away

This mom thing is tough work! This is one time where I managed to catch some zzzz during the day. They say to sleep while the babies sleep, but for the most part, my adrenalin keeps me awake. I'll have to look at this pic as a reminder to NAP NAP NAP.

Time for a Workout

Alton is ready to hit the gym - just like his Uncle Scott!

Every Girl's Crazy 'Bout a Smart-Dressed Man

Baxter likes to get decked out for all his ladies.

Coming Home

Here is a picture of Charlotte tucked in her car seat for her big trip home from the NICU. I forgot to post this picture of Kreg and I with the boys on their big day. It was such a great feeling to take all the wires and leads off of their little bodies, pick them up out of their cribs, and gently strap their delicate arms and legs into the seats for the first time.

Redheads Have More Fun

Charlotte can thank her daddy for that pretty red hair she's showing off these days.

Outdoor Gear

The only good thing the boys liked about all the doctors' appointments was their chance to show off some of their new outdoor gear. Looking good guys!

Chubby Cheeks

A month ago it seemed impossible to imagine Charlotte with chubby cheeks, but here they are! Her last week in the NICU proved to be a productive one in terms of weight gain. She really filled in ... I could just pinch them!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Waiting for Wednesday

Charlotte is weighing in at a hefty 4lbs 2oz and she is due to come home this Wednesday! Yes - in 2 days. I'm filled with excitement to have the whole family finally under one roof, but nervous about the challenge of caring for 3 infants at one time. I just got back from visiting Miss Charlotte and she looks great without her GI feeding tube in and took her whole bottle for mommy! This little girl also seems to have her daddy's strawberry blonde hair - cute cute cute.

Doggies & Dinos

Baxter and Alton love their doggy and dino outfits. I chose to put Alton in the dino set because we call him our "baby teradactyl" due to his ear-piercing scream. Looking good boys!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

1 month Weigh-In

We took the boys back to the pediatrician for a follow-up weigh-in. The doctor said that they deserved a raise since they've exceeded our expectations. BIG BOYS!

Alton = 6lb 2oz
Baxter = 6lb 4oz


Charlotte had a visitor last night and she said "Wheeee! Grandmom's here! Partay!"

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Goodbye Formal Entertaining

Life has really changed for a girl who drools with the arrival of the each new "Living" magazine, has drawers dedicated to a variety of dining room linens and candles, backs off an entertaining schedule in increments of 5 minutes, and truly believes in a properly set table when having a dinner party.

WELL - yes, life has indeed changed. The dining room table is no longer for dining...but for diapering. It's our own baby triage for the daytime fully equipped with Desitin, wipes, and the likes. Does that mean my demitasse set should now officially be considered baby spoons?

The Eye Doctor

Today we took Alton and Baxter to the eye doctor. Everyone will have to get checked out over the course of a few weeks since preemies run the risk of retina develepment issues. Here is a picture of Daddy helping out in the office. Everyone, including Daddy, did so well considering all the eye drops and strange lights that were involved.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Becoming a Mother

Something happened in the past 3 days.

It's taken a long time and becoming a mother has been a very clinical and medical experience for me. The transformation started with years of doctor's appointments and hormone shots which led to a multitude of ultrasounds and monitoring equipment, finally ending with incubators and feeding tubes. When the triplets were first born I found myself shuffling like a zombie down the hospital halls at 2 and 4 in the morning to deliver their milk - that was my "mothering". I was able to delicately hold them, but only while hanging onto every word of the nurses - fearfully staring at the monitors and avoiding the wires and tubes hooked up to their tiny bodies.

When the boys came home I did not know how to act. I even asked the pediatrician, "what's appropriate interaction?" as he looked back at me with a confused face. Finally I loosened up with every kiss on the head, baby-voice conversation while changing their outfits, and swaddle before bed-time. Then during my visit with Charlotte I realized "it happened". While I held the miniature bottle up to her mouth, Charlotte opened her lids and we made eye contact. With tears streaming down my face I whispered "Hi's me. I'm your mommy."

Baby Boys in Blue

Happy Valentine's Day!

Today Kreg and I visited baby Charlotte for Valentine's Day. We haven't visited her together since the boys came home and enjoyed chatting on the drive in and holding our little girl who's growing so much. Here are some pictures of Charlotte's Valentine wishes on her crib and the special treats we gave to the Abington NICU staff as a thank you. We also gave other little babies a Valentine from Charlotte (look in the background of the picture.) What a nice visit for everyone.


Baxter = top
Alton = bottom

News Flash - Charlotte's in an Open Crib!!

I got a text from Kreg during his visit yesterday saying that Charlotte was in an open crib! WOW! At 3 pounds 8 ounces, Charlotte's now being challenged to fully manage her own temperature. YOU GO GIRL!!

Thanks for the Visit!!

The boys love having all the visitors and mommy loves having the extra helping hands. Thanks to everyone! Aunt Laura and Grammie - feel better soon so we can see you!!

Pretty in Pink

A few days ago I walked into the NICU to visit Charlotte and saw her completely dressed in her own clothing for the first time. She was wearing a pink outfit that said "Mommy's Little Princess", was wrapped in a pink polka dot blankie, and lying on her bed wrapped in pink. She just screamed "baby girl" and I cried as I looked at her in her isolette. Tears of joy of course. It was her first day trying to manage her own temperature which is why she was dressed in her own clothes. So proud of our pretty little girl.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Hit it Maestro

When the boys need some calming down we turn right to Vivaldi and all is well. Everyone, including grandmom and mom, seem to take a few deep breathes and float along to the soothing music. Thanks maestro.

Home Life

Here's a picture of Baxter and me resting on the couch together - a typical image for either of the boys in their homelife. Things are going well and we're getting into our grooves with new learnings each day. The most recent finding is that the pack-n-play has a vibrator button that calms Alton, our resident screamer, down a bit.

The grandmoms have been in full force helping change diapers, rock babies, and work in the kitchen. Also, my aunt Va and cousin Jeri visited yesterday and spoiled me with a house-cleaning and laundry marathon along with delicious soup and cookies. What a day!!!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Big Day Out

Alton, Baxter, Kreg and I took our first daytrip out together to their first pediatrician appointments. The classical music did it's trick during the car rides and kept everyone nice and calm. The office visit was relatively relaxed except for daddy's freak out when Baxter pee'd all over himself and daddy during the exam. It was a bit chaotic with my holding Alton while searching around for diapers and wipes and Kreg trying not to get hit with any more pee than necessary. I can only imagine what the nurse thought of us. After the commotion the nurse asked "when does your little girl come home", though she might as well have sarcastically said "good luck with that".

When all was said and done, the trip was a good one for everyone. I enjoyed getting out of the house and put on some mascara for the first time in a few days while the boys got to try out their nice and comfy carseats for the second time in their little lives. They have another appointment in a week and Charlotte will join them for their 1 month. Hopefully by then their measurements will get them above the 1 percentile which they are now under. They'll get there!!!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Charlotte Breaks 3 Pounds!!!!

I am due to update the blog with more posts. So much has happened and I will add some entries soon, BUT I absolutely needed to tell everyone that Charlotte is now 3 pounds 1.5 ounces!! Tears came to my eyes when I heard the doctor state her new weight this morning. I was able to run down to Abington and get a hold in last night and cried a bit on my way home. It's hard to have your babies split up, but I know that Charlotte's in the right place right now. She's doing so well!! Go Charlotte Go!

I have to run since I'm trying to get all the Jones boys together for Alton & Baxter's first pediatric appointment. Pics of the boys arrival home coming soon.

Friday, February 4, 2011

False Alarm

We were expecting to take Alton and Baxter home from the hospital last evening, but it will be Saturday afternoon instead. After speaking with the doc and nurses, we decided that this would be best for everyone. We have to remind ourselves that they are still JUST 35 weeks gestation and are not the best at eating from a bottle. A few days can make a big difference. Saturday it is!!!

I keep singing that 80's song "Let's Hear it for my Boy" in my head ... but instead it's "Let's hear it for my Boys. Let's hear for my babies!" I'm just so happy.

Daddy's Little Girl

Sometimes little Charlotte really wiggles and kicks around in her isolette. They say that this is typical of an IUGR baby (In Utero Growth Restricted). She calms down with a little "hand-holding" which daddy is doing here.

Cheers to our "Last Supper"

On Wednesday night Kreg and I went out to a nice dinner together to celebrate bringing home our little boys. It was so nice to sit down together, breathe, and reflect on this wild ride we've been on for not only the past few weeks, but the past five years. I look back and think about the life lessons I've learned. One biggie is about control. This experience continually reminds me that I don't really make all the decisions and something bigger than I am holds the reigns. It's a good lesson...for me at least.

Cheers to letting life take it's course and to the magic of surprizes!! What better way to celebrate than with a nice flute of bubbly?


The Slumber Party

The doctor's suggest that parents spend a night at the hospital just prior to the baby going home for an easier transition. Kreg and I slept in the Parents Suite with little Baxter and took his temp, changed his diaper, fed and burped him through the night. Everyone did very well! Now for the real deal...


Alton sure looks cute when he's sleeping. He either likes to sleep with his hands up over his head (something I do) or folded nicely at his chest. What a sweetpea.

Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend