Saturday, September 10, 2011

By the Sea

It's official. The Jones family went to the beach together for the first time. Well, we didn't really hit the sandy beach since the babies are still small and, let's be honest, Kreg & I aren't really the tanning types (burning is more like it). By you can't deny it, there is simply nothing like being by the sea. The calming, lulling sounds of the ocean and the smell of salt in the air.... ahhhhh.
As relaxing as that sounds, it was not exactly the easiest task to pack up all the equipment and drive down to Sea Isle. Though my family was there to help upon arrival and we made pit stop at Grammies on the way, it's still exhausting. I was determined though, and we got the job done. Check, the babies saw the ocean. And they loved it really...the cure for a fussy baby was to walk them out onto the balcony. Fussing stopped immediately and their heads automatically turned towards the sound of the ocean and the direction of the breeze....and they'd stare. What is it about the magical ocean that brings us all down a few notches? ahhhhhh.... okay, now back to laundry!

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