Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Speech Therapy = Mommy Therapy

At our 9 month check-up, it was suggested that Charlotte take some speech therapy. Our doctor is very proactive and tries to stay ahead of potential concerns, especially since Charlotte was growth restricted and 2 months premature. Though speech therapy may not be needed, Charlotte is not really expressing herself with her vowels or consonants just yet since she loves to "squeal". Most of our session today was focused on understanding the building blocks of communication and the therapist reassured us of how VERY interested and active Charlotte is (loves those toys, toys, toys).

There was a special moment when the therapist was focusing on Charlotte and the "give and take" of communication when I realized that this was more for ME than for our baby girl. Charlotte was fully engaged and totally enjoying going back and forth with her "ahhhhs" with Sue. I suddenly started to cry....tried to pull myself together but could not hold back some tears. I explained, "I'm sorry, I just get so worried about the babies". I was facing the struggle of a mother of multiples. On one hand, I'm a new mom who does not know what to do and wants the ability to focus on one baby...while on the other hand, I have three babies who need me and all the other "stuff" that comes along with living. I know I'm doing really well, but I also recognize that there's always room for improvement.

It's not like I don't talk with the babies...but sometimes it's hard to determine who needs me when. There's a learning curve for everyone...including mommy.

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