Thursday, October 13, 2011

Today's Featured Baby = Charlotte!

I thought I'd take the time to feature one baby today. She may be the smallest of our crew, but she most certainly will not go unnoticed. Charlotte is a spunky one. If we look away for a moment, we notice that our red-headed wonder is slinking off to snake a toy from a brother or explore new horizons. She pants away in true determination to reach her mini goals, all with a smile and some squeals. We often call her "Squeakles" since she squeaks away if she's trying to get our attention or just chatting with herself.

Charlotte is doing so well with her helmet and LOVES her physical therapist, Anne, who comes every other week. When she's not playing, playing, playing, our little peanut loves to cuddle and reaches up to the face of whoever is giving her a bottle in an amazingly endearing way. Daddy's beard is a favorite to touch and his glasses are so very interesting.

She's generous with her little crooked smiles and likes to stick her cute little tongue out 75% of the time. Though a big fan of cheerios, fruits, and veggies, she'll pass on the meats...yuck. Charlotte throws her tired triplet parents a bone with her even temper and great sleeping abilities. Thank you sweetie.

Good job growing up strong little girl! I wish I could have shown myself a pic of you today when I worried all those hours in the NICU. You are one little determined schmoopie. We love you.

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