Thursday, October 6, 2011

Quick Update

I promise to post more pictures soon, but thought I should give a quick update.

We're finally getting past our second cold (sniffles for all three)! Thank heavens. It turns out that poor Alton had a double ear infection and Charlotte had one too. That means 3 out of our 6 baby ears were hurting. :( Not fun for anyone here! Baxter got away without any ear issues but managed to find his way into the ER for the first time. Many firsts for us this past week! No worries, he just had a bruised eye and we were told to take him in just to be cautious since he's just a baby.


Alton = Alton is practicing his balancing while in seated position and is just beginning to really scootch along on his belly. He LOVES to make noises (grunts, squeals, mmm, bbb, ddd) especially when he's eating. We can't shovel food in fast enough for him and his belly shows it. Alton loves to lounge in the swing after a meal...which he'll probably do in a recliner years to come. Alton also still loves to be sung to while being held closely.

Baxter = Baxter is leading the pack in the physical world. He is crawling like a champ and pulls himself up to his knees and feet (this is where the injury came from). He seems much happier now that he can go-go-go and explore. It's like a whole new world opened up to him and his smiles show it for sure. He chatters to himself quietly when he's relaxing in the nursery (oh, and we lowered his crib). Baxter also bursts into an awesome belly giggle when being tickled.

Charlotte = Charlotte is still creeping along in her typical fashion, but much quicker these days. She is extremely interested in toys and whenever one of her brothers is playing with something she's off to steal it from them. We get lots of giggles and laughs when Charlotte's tossed in the air or kissed (especially from Daddy). Our baby girl still remains the best sleeper and is typically out once the snuggly hits the side of her face and the thumb reaches the mouth.

All babies LOVE music (sleeping lullabies, meal-time music, play-time music, car-time music, etc.) and want to DANCE. Kreg plays a Michael Jackson video for them sometimes for a dance session and they get so excited. It's funny.

Pics to come...

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