Monday, December 19, 2011

A Tiny Angel

Today I took Charlotte to a doctor's appointment simply to check on her ear infection. All was well and I got to spend some time alone with our youngest...just the two of us, mother and daughter, a special and rare occasion.

Our babies' first Christmas is approaching along with their first birthday and I've been thinking a lot about how lucky we are to have three healthy babies. With that, I am hesitantly writing this memory of a tiny little girl.

This past Spring, I returned to work feeling overwhelmed by having triplets and was just getting past the days of worrying in the NICU. A young man had joined the team at Lutron and a meeting with me was part of his orientation. After we spoke about business, I noticed pictures of two little babies on his wall, fresh off the printer. We connected on a personal level and shared the joys of our preemies. His niece and nephew twins were born that week, the little girl only 2 pounds, just like our Charlotte. I gave words of hope and positive stories of our daughter's improvements, yet understood his fears. He was so proud of his sister's new angels.

About a week later I noticed my new young friend leaving abruptly early and knew something was wrong. After cautiously asking questions to his supervisor, I soon understood that the baby girl was rushed to CHOP. It was unfathomable to hear the words that his niece had passed away from complications not uncommon for such a delicate and vulnerable body. I cried at my desk throughout the day, feeling deeply for a young mother who I had never met.

This little girl has brought me many moments of reflection and gratitude for my own children. My thoughts and prayers go out to the family of this tiny angel during the holiday season.

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