Monday, December 26, 2011

First Christmas Gifts to Mommy & Daddy

Merry Christmas! It's been wonderful...a tad busy, but wonderful.

Today I vowed not to do a stitch of cleaning outside of the first two hours of my day. I cheated a bit with some dishwasher loading and unloading, but generally, it was a lazy day-after-Christmas day. I earned it after entertaining two nights in a row. For some reason I thought that asking family to visit us would be easier. I may need to rethink that next year.

Well, more pictures of the babies to come shortly, but I wanted to post our first "mommy & daddy Christmas gifts".

Daddy's Gift = Kreg got a framed picture of the babies on Santa's lap from "Santa's Little Helpers". Spontaneously, my mom and I dressed everyone in fun Christmas outfits and headed to the mall for a photo. "Let's just do it!" I proclaimed as the babies woke up from their first nap. I got very teary-eyed as I watched the babies sit on Santa's lap for their first time while my mom put her arm around my shoulder. I looked up and saw many hanging over the second floor railing enjoying our triplets' Santa visit. It was special for everyone!

Mommy's Gift = I received a plate with tiny hand prints in the form of a wreath. Kreg figured out a way to lug all three kiddies to a pottery painting studio to get the job done. Today he shared with me that he alternated baby carriers up a flight of cement stairs to get them into the studio (and I think on the street ...). Yikes and wow! Needless to say, tears were flowing on this one too!!

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