Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Getting Into Things - A Noisy Ordeal

Wow, these babies really know how to have fun! Thankfully I baby-proofed the lower kitchen cabinets with Grammie Lita recently, because those tiny hands can certainly get into things! Here are some pics from the other day when I finally stopped moving Baxter away from the the tempting doors and said "whatever, it's a right of passage, right?"

Here's how it went down:
1 - Baxter opens doors and starts to make some of his AAAhhhs, clicks, and grunts.
2 - Alton AAAAhhs, grunts and screams back (yes, they have some weird language)
3 - Charlotte continues on with her playing until she realizes that something very very interesting is happening and then she begins to squeal
4 - Baxter proceeds to take objects out of the cabinets (bangs, crashes and all), tossing them to the other Musketeers and it's an all out field day.

It seems that Baxter just wants to get all items out and find a new door to open. Alton wants to toss them around and bang on the pots and pans with the fascinating wooden spoon. Charlotte also loves to bang, but is mostly squealing with glee while kicking the new toys with her feet.

This is now a new daily activity for all...including mom's clean up of the toys (slash) her baking equipment.

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