Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Rollin' Rollin' Rollin'

It's time to spread out and get the party started - so we bought an area rug for the family room to allow for some serious floor-time. The babies have taken the floor and are constant entertainment for us. Though Alton can gain some ground with his flipping and turning and Baxter is the champion at the baby push-ups, Charlotte has proven to be a stellar performer on the mats. We call her the "Toy Snatcher" since she will swoop in snake a toy right out from under her brothers' noses. They will fuss and whine after her stealth attack while she smiles away with her new prize.

Cleo is pleased to find three new friends at her ground level. She constantly tries to steal a lick or two, but only at the cost of a potential tail grab. We all gasped when Baxter came up with a fist full of fur - hang in there Cleo!

Kreg and I learned after day 1 with the carpet that we needed a blanket for coverage and easy washing along with a carpet pad for added protection. All is complete now...let the games begin!

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