Thursday, August 18, 2011

Babies with Helmets are Cute!

A lot has happened in the past month that I have not posted about. First, because our babies are "very premature" (born 8 weeks early) we qualified to have the Intermediate Unit's Early Intervention team come in and evaluate Alton, Baxter, and Charlotte's development. We wanted a gut check on the boys, but mostly expected confirmation that they are doing well. This was confirmed, though their reflux still seems to be an issue and is causing a bit of muscular tension. Nothing to be worried about, but they're back on their medicine. They do not need any additional attention.

Our main concern was Charlotte since, at the time we scheduled the evaluation, I wanted them to review her strength. We also had a lot of concerns regarding "torticollis" and the shaping of her head. Though our daughter is simply beautiful :), her prematurity and the fact that she is an IUGR baby (In Utero Growth Restricted) have increased her chances of these issues. The unit confirmed that she indeed qualifies for physical therapy and they validated our concerns of her head shape. 7 months is not too late since a baby's head is not fully developed until age 3 and we've taken the next steps to get her proper care. We just got back from an appointment with our new pediatrician and are on the quest to get our pretty little redhead some head gear. We'll soon be off to CHOP in Philadelphia for a complete evaluation and are on our way to protect our daughter's pretty little head!

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