Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Triple-Duty Doc Appointments

This week was our first trial in hitting the doc offices with all three babies. What a test of physical and emotional strength!

Yesterday grandmom Stimson and I hit the opthamologist and got through the appointment with little sweat. The biggest challenge was actually getting the babies in and out of the car and offices.

Today grandmom Hanlon and I managed through a pediatrician appointment with a few more hurdles to clear. First off, we had to feed everyone at the office which was crazy and then changed three diapers ontop of everything (stinky ones too). Babies and clothes were being passed around in wild abandon but, we got through it. Lastly, I had to experience my babies getting a shot for the first time and fought back tears while kissing their little heads. UGH.

Thanks to the grandmoms for the big help!

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