Friday, October 15, 2010

Prenatal Yoga

Last night I took my first prenatal yoga class and really enjoyed it. In the beginning the instructor asked the large circle of pregnant women to introduce themselves, tell how far along they were, and explain why they're taking the class. In my intro I said I was expecting triplets and was hoping that the class might help me get through the growing aches and pains. When I said "triplets" they room gasped in unison ... it was an awkward moment for me, but I sat proudly and embraced my "unique pregnancy".

The stretching and poses were great for my back and joints and I loved the quiet time lying on our left sides. I was nearly asleep when the instructor read some metaphysical poem about connecting to your body and your babies ... I'll have to get it from her. The moment was a bit out there and heady, but I was feelin' it man. :)

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