Saturday, October 23, 2010

20 Weeks Belly

Yeah! We've reached 20 weeks. Yesterday was our 2nd level ultrasound which took quite a long time since they had to thoroughly measure all 3 babies. Grandmom Lita joined us and she got to see everyone and how amazing today's technology is.

I actually had a tough run at it since it's difficult to lay on may back for any extended period of time. We had to take breaks where I would roll to my left side and Lita would rest a cold washcloth on my neck or head. Jeesh!

SO - all of the babies are doing great and look "perfect". They are measuring 20 weeks & 2 days which is great and I think she said they're all about 10oz each (actually, baby boy A is 1 oz smaller than the other two, which is normal). Heartbeats are great and all measurements good!! It's all just so amazing. Pictures to come very shortly.

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