Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Soundtrack of Our Days

(this entry's for you Amy)
Each day I try to establish a "routine" for the sake of the babies, but often find myself changing things up to keep my own sanity. This may not always be for the best, which I'm learning as I navigate through the first year of our babies' lives, BUT I've found that we've established a consistent soundtrack to our days. Some day I'll look back on our first year and remember the below albums & songs with fondness. Here is the "Soundtrack of Our First Year" so far.

"Parent's" Lullabies for Babies
- Our "go-to" CD from the beginning as it relates to SLEEP (a powerful thing). I've referenced this CD in a previous post since I accidentally left it behind at a hotel and had them ship it to me (whew!). We press play on the nursery CD player at the beginning of every nap and bedtime and it plays through until the last track of simple heartbeats. I used to personally enjoy more of it when the babies were much tinier and we were doing more midnight feedings. I can't find it online to reference my favorite songs...there is one that features an oboe that I love and Kumbaya is also so calming.

The Best of Laurie Berkner

- YEAH! The "Happy CD" as we call it. We listen and play to Laurie when the babies wake up from their first nap and have such a blast. Just recently, I enjoy hitting play and watching all the babies as they stand up in their cribs, smiling and waiting for mommy to lift them out. Favorites are "Victor Vito", "Fast and Slow", and my two besties "Moon, Moon, Moon", and "Five Days Old". The beginning of "Five Days Old" is especially pretty and I pick up each baby and sing along to them quietly in their ear (re-playing the beginning of the track for the next).

Eat, Pray, Love Soundtrack
- Our neighbors let us borrow this soundtrack and somehow it became our "mealtime music". The babies will often find mommy or daddy dancing by them in the kitchen, making complete fools of themselves in the name of baby entertainment. What's not to love about a compilation consisting of (a lifetime fave of mine) Neil Young, Eddie Vedder, Gilberto, plus a killer operatic that I can't remember the name of. All good meals should be accompanied by good music, right?

Baby Mozart Music CD
- We take roadtrips which, of course, require roadtrip music, DUH. Though this would not be my first choice if I were driving across the country with my husband or best girlfriends, it sure comes in handy when running and errand with three babies in tow ...especially if someone starts to cry. All I can say is that I love it when the wacky, bubbly electronified Mozart xylophone kicks in and all goes quiet in the back of our mini van. I never thought I'd be saying that!


  1. LOVE Laurie Berkner. May I also suggest "Hat Parade" by Meg Russell? We are humming and singing it all the time over here. (Okay, and she's one of my good friends!) :)

    Sounds like you are all doing well and finding your groove! Maybe we can chat soon -- I didn't renew my membership with the MOMS club this year...just too busy with work and tutoring.

  2. Oh thank you, dear Catherine!! You are the BEST and I am about to buy some of these albums!! That way when our kiddos go off to college, you and I can pop open a bottle of wine, play these CDs and cry and cry for the good old days!! LOVE YOU!! xoxo, Aim