Thursday, July 14, 2011

Happy 1/2 Birthday!!!

It's been 6 months since Alton, Baxter, and Charlotte arrived into our lives. It's a little hard to believe...half of a year has already gone by in a blur of bottles, spit-up, smiles, and kisses. I'm a "to-do list" kinda gal. Below are some "tasks" that we've checked off our list. Sometimes I need to pat myself on the back for our past accomplishments in order to face the future challenges. Eek...crawling, teething, and baby-proofing is next.

- Build 3 cribs, paint 2 rooms, rearrange downstairs, and buy minivan in preparation for triplet madenss....CHECK
- Lug giant preggo body through halls of corporate world with head held high, knowing there were questions about my return...CHECK
- Become friends with doctors and nurses that I saw once a week for 9 weeks straight....CHECK
- Maintain calm disposition when unexpectedly told "it's time" at a routine appt...CHECK
- Kangaroo care for all 3 babies in NICU...CHECK
- Deliver breast milk every day for first 7 weeks of babies' lives....CHECK
- Manage through weeks of sleepless nights without going into a complete downward spiral....CHECK
- Watch husband turn into a zombie and then come back to us in the form of a loving, laughing, and caring daddy....CHECK
- Make difficult decision to pick up the keys and head back into the office for good of family and self...CHECK
- Just say "let's just pack em up and go for a ride" - it's harder than it sounds...CHECK
- Recognize each baby as individuals and give them their own individual love...CHECK
- Don't be afraid to take the WHOLE family out to a party, even if I'm upset or nervous about the crying that comes with triplet 5 month olds...CHECK
- Read and follow book on sleep training babies and reap the rewards....CHECKing

There's much more that I can say...but I'm tired. I will say though, this parenthood trip has been amazing. Our babies are healthy, round, and full of curiosity and we are so thankful for that. Our friends and family have been a wonderful support and we are so lucky.

We love you Aton, Baxter, and Charlotte. Happy 6 Month Birthday!

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