Friday, July 29, 2011


My life is busy. I must admit that much of it is self-induced craziness. Yes, I have triplets, but I also work in the office 3 days a week AND I still feel the need to live my pre-baby life at some capacity. SOOOO, when I'm home I often feel the need to run errands...get out...get things done...check things off the list. I often second-guess myself since I'm also trying to establish a good routine for the babies, but I've come to realize that "getting out" is simply my nature. Good thing is that it's also my mom's nature. She's my co-pilot on my "at home" days and jokes to the babies and says "you're simply going to have to get used to this, your mommy is on the move!"

This weekend I'm preparing for a very good friend's baby shower. Jen has experienced the same history of waiting and hoping for a baby that I did and we were a major support for each other during our trials and tribulations. She and her husband are finally having their "miracle baby" and I am soooo thrilled. So we're having a baby shower!! I used to deliberate over every detail when it comes to a party; I tried so hard to pull it back this time. Even though, some old habits are hard to break. Here's a pic of my amazing mom getting ready to feed the trips some milk as I ran around town checking multiple items off my list. We were super efficient! One car ride got the following done:
(most of you may be thinking, what about online? Well, much was already done online, but reality and my nature still requires the real world)

- ribbon for baby shower
- baby shower flowers
- baby shower candies
- box for baby shower gift
- hooks for shower decor
- dad birthday gift
- Nancy (sister in law) belated gift

Aside from caring for babies, at home tasks = wrapping all gifts, bows around flower pots, filling favor bags and labeling

Whew - now for some sleep.

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