Saturday, May 28, 2011

Queen of the Castle

Charlotte (with high-pitched affected voice): "Oh Daddy, please put that box under my feet so I can bounce correctly in my thrown...and when will you be getting me a proper footstool? That box is so common. And Alton, stop that screaming in my ear, it's rather annoying and totally impolite. Now Baxter, why must you whine so? Can't you see that I need Mommy & Daddy's attention at this moment? Where is that Cleo to entertain me...if only I had a lap for her to sit on where she belongs. Yes Mommy, thank you so much for bringing me my beloved binky; you know how much I adore it. a moment I think I'd fancy a bit of warm milk.'s good to be queen. Yes Mommy, I said QUEEN...carry on everyone."

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