Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Big Day Out

Alton, Baxter, Kreg and I took our first daytrip out together to their first pediatrician appointments. The classical music did it's trick during the car rides and kept everyone nice and calm. The office visit was relatively relaxed except for daddy's freak out when Baxter pee'd all over himself and daddy during the exam. It was a bit chaotic with my holding Alton while searching around for diapers and wipes and Kreg trying not to get hit with any more pee than necessary. I can only imagine what the nurse thought of us. After the commotion the nurse asked "when does your little girl come home", though she might as well have sarcastically said "good luck with that".

When all was said and done, the trip was a good one for everyone. I enjoyed getting out of the house and put on some mascara for the first time in a few days while the boys got to try out their nice and comfy carseats for the second time in their little lives. They have another appointment in a week and Charlotte will join them for their 1 month. Hopefully by then their measurements will get them above the 1 percentile which they are now under. They'll get there!!!

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