Monday, December 6, 2010

Bed Rest

If I look pained in this picture, it's because I am. Well, not actually in physical pain (thank god), but the pain of boredom was striking me. Today is my second Monday on bed rest and I plan my seated sessions throughout the home. Ready for my thrilling day so far?

First Session = kitchen table finishing up thank you notes
Second Session = recliner chair in front room reading chapters on NICU and How to Cope the First Few Months with Multiples in my book
Third Session = Computer work; posting items on ebay, checking my emails, etc.
Fourth Session = Couch watching TV and eating lunch (the picture) leading into re-writing my list of things to do (most I can't do myself) in all sorts of categories (computer, nursery, outdoors, shopping, attic)

Needless to say - open for visitors!!

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