Thursday, December 30, 2010

Close Monitoring

Tomorrow is week 30! It's amazing how the tone in the doctor's office has changed since we've made it past the scary period. The doctors are so happy with me and comment on the pregnancy being "rock solid" or say that I've "cruised through". So reassuring since it's tough carrying these 3 babies at this point. Now we just see how long I can last ... ideally for 5 more weeks (goal = week 35)!

For now I go in once a week for office visits and biophysical profiles
where they measure breathing, movement, muscle tone, heart rate, & amniotic fluid for each baby.

From week 32 on I will go in twice a week for non-stress tests.

I also continue to monitor at home on a daily basis including: # of contractions per hour with special equipment we're hooked up with, my blood pressure, and baby movements per 2 hours (goal being 10).

They are really keeping a close eye on these Joneses!

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