Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Mommy Sorority

Last night I attended a club meeting for women in the bi-county area who are mothers of multiples. There were about 100 in the room, mostly moms of twins with about 3 moms of triplets and 1 mom of quads (I think). I was quietly listening as the meeting was conducted and realized that it was JUST like a sorority...which I found humor in. Rather than planning the next semi-formal with the brother fraternity, the group was discussing things like the multiples Halloween parade at the retirement home or "Convention" which is taking place in Pittsburgh this year. It was all so fascinating.

The New Members Chair (yes, bizarrely just like "rush") stood up and talked about the group of about 20 women who were sitting around the table either pregnant or as new moms. She ran through a couple prospect and new member counts; then announced that there was a mom expecting triplets in the group. I was asked to raise my hand and the crowd of proud moms made a little noise to show their support.

I'll go back next month. It's a nice way to feel connected to the community (I'm not good at that) and I was already able to chat with 2 moms of triplets and pick their brains.

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