Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A Roadtrip to Pittsburgh

It was time to visit my college girlfriends from Pittsburgh for some catching up and to meet their new family additions. My friend Amy, a mom of 8 month old twins, was back on the east coast from San Francisco and Jenn lives in the 'Burgh with her four children, including her littlest Juliet. It was so nice to see my old gal pals and spend lots of time chatting and sharing tons. So much has changed in our lives since first meeting in Andrews Hall our freshman year, and knowing that we have each other as support is priceless.

So yes, once again, I packed up three babies and that goes with them for another road trip last week. Only this time everyone was separated and each of the boys stayed with the grandparents (Alton with Grammie Lita & Pop Pop Bill and Baxter with Grandmom Judy & Grandpop Al); Charlotte came with me for some real "girl time".

It was a logistics miracle, but we got it done. Kreg dropped off Alton in New Jersey on his way into work on Tuesday and Grandmom took Baxter home Tuesday evening after a full day of helping me get ready for the trip. Charlotte and I headed to Philadelphia first thing Wednesday morning to pick up my dear friend Jen and her 4 month old daughter, Sydney. Are you exhausted yet, because I am just typing this. Well, it turns out that the car ride went very well with Jen & I and our little girls. I think Charlotte & Sydney chatted about clothes, binkies, toy preferences and the likes in the back of the mini. Jen was such a good sport since they were so far away compared to her normal traveling routine... but perhaps the "gotta do it" outlook from a triplet mom was beneficial? I know that being with an amazing singleton mom rubbed off on me since I'm wiping her face a little more often these days. ;)

I could go on and on since this experience was a growing one for all involved, but I'll spare you. I do want to say that it was so wonderful having everyone back in one house together again. I'll be honest, it was a nice break taking care of one little laid back Charlotte for a few days, but our crazy day-to-day family of 3 one year olds, 2 parents, 2 Grandmoms, and one little dog is the most awesome reality one could ask for. I am so thankful.

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