Thursday, April 21, 2011


I absolutely needed to post this picture of my nieces and nephew with our babes.
Like my own, I remember the day each were born like yesterday.
It was in New York when our first grandbaby, Sarah, arrived. I was laying on the lawn of Madison Square Park with my friend Keren exclaiming "it's a girl!". The first feeling of our mortal selves passing through to another little being was so new to me.
Then Elise arrived. Like myself, she was the second "Stimson sister" and immediately took to her.
Shannon came along and I marveled at how distinctly "Stimson" she looked and cried at the sight of her 2 sisters peering through the nursery window with balloons in hand, welcoming her into their world.
Finally, little Scotty arrived. I remember the late night phone call from my parents exclaiming "it's a boy!". We all piled into the small hospital room to hug my exhausted brother and sister-in-law and meet the new little prince.

Sooooo....I spent many years watching my brother's beautiful family grow up, he and Nancy, showing me what parenthood could be. At first Scott lightheartedly said, "we need cousins!", and then it was a taboo subject... There were whispers and quiet conversations of past doctor's appointments and failed IVFs, but today I am pleased to post my additions to the family. I'm pleased to announce the "COUSINS".

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