Thursday, January 20, 2011


When Kreg and I started thinking about names for the triplets a while back, it was quite daunting. Throughout the pregnancy we called them A, B, and C, which is why Kreg wanted their respective tag to be their first initial. This narrowed things down a bit since I also wanted names that somehow come from our families. It's funny because the doctors and nurses at the NICU LOVE the names and say that "no one ever does it right --- FINALLY". Who knew it would be such a big deal in the hospital.

Alton = Kreg's grandfather on his father's side
Robert = Kreg's father

Baxter = My grandmother's maiden name on my mom's side (Scottish name & Kreg and I both share that heritage)
Alfred = my father's name

Charlotte = My grandfather on my mother's side (Charles)
Morgan = Lita's grandmother's maiden name on her mother's side

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