Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Top Ten Passerby Comments

It's wintertime and we're simply not out and about as much as we were a few months ago. I'm not sure, but it's possible that we may not get as many comments in the future as we did when they were so little. That said, I wanted to note the "Top Ten Passerby Comments" that we typically get when all three babies are in tow. I must say, as much as I try to keep to myself, it's always a joy to watch the faces of people light up when they see our giant stroller roll by.

In order of occurrence. Some of these are after engaged in a quick conversation.

10) "That's quite a carriage!" (almost always from a man who is into gear)
9) "oh, HELL no..." (after we walk by usually by from a man or woman slightly younger)
8) "Does it run in your family? (the masked fertility question)
7) "did you see that? ...triplets" (in a whisper after we walk by)
6) "Were you surprised when you found out?" (another masked fertility question?)
5) "Oh my god, are they Triplets?!" (slightly confused and in disbelief)
4) "Look mommy, THREE babies!" (with a little kid pointing and tugging at pant leg)
3) "TRIPLETS!!!" (super excited, approaching us while nudging their counterpart)
2) "Well, YOU'VE got your hands full!"
1) "God bless you."

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  1. Yep! Most of those hold true for twins also. I SWEAR to you, I was just interviewed two days ago by a woman who is writing an essay about IVF. I told her that "Do twins run in your family?" and "Were you surprised when you found out?" were hidden fertility questions. How funny that you mention the same thing two days later?!?!?